How I Gained 1000+ Followers on Medium in Just 2 Months It was Tough, But I Found a Way

These days, getting noticed online feels like an impossible feat. With so many people constantly sharing content across various platforms, building a sizable audience from scratch can seem daunting. The internet is an overwhelming sea of information, with endless content fighting for attention every second. Many aspiring creators and writers get discouraged and give up before they even get started.

But during my time writing on Medium, I discovered some valuable strategies that allowed me to rapidly grow my following from zero to over 1,000 in just two months. I’m excited to share the secrets to my success so you too can break through the noise and cultivate a devoted audience for your work.
When I First Began My Medium Journey

Starting out on Medium, I was an eager but relatively inexperienced writer. I had accumulated plenty of ideas and insights from years of reading, learning, and observing the world. But I lacked a focused outlet to share those thoughts in a compelling way that would resonate with people.

I had writing experience from school assignments, work reports, and personal journaling over the years. However, crafting the kind of casual, engaging content that people actually want to read for pleasure was new territory for me. My early articles on the platform were all over the place — scattered musings about random topics without a cohesive through-line or target audience.
Playing the Long Game with Consistency

I understood from the beginning that building a meaningful audience would be a long-term endeavor requiring immense patience and unwavering consistency over time. So in addition to delivering high quality with each individual piece, I committed to a disciplined content cadence — publishing new material on a reliable 1–2 times per week schedule that my audience could anticipate.

This allowed me to steadily expand my catalog of available content that would continue compounding in visibility and accumulating new readers. No single viral hit or overnight success, just diligently showing up and further solidifying my voice and presence with each new installment shared.

To amplify my consistency, I also explored opportunities for collaborations and cross-promotions with other established writers in the same topical spaces. Contributing insightful guest posts or taking part in joint interview-style projects gave me access to an entirely new segment of readers I wouldn’t have reached flying solo.

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